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STIR Worship is an informal, engaging atmosphere intended for all people. We welcome seekers, questioners, and lifelong churchgoers.


STIR Worship is an inclusive, authentic place for those looking for something different or those who are unfamiliar with a traditional worship experience.


STIR Worship strives to be a complete reimagining of worship based on some of the earliest forms of worship; rooted in the practices of fellowship, prayer and communal intimacy. With that in mind, STIR Worship is informal yet intentionally centered on the idea of building community. Instead of a formal sanctuary, we gather in a circle so we can “see” each other. 


STIR Worship is shaped by conversations. We encourage questions, responses, and shared stories. We understand that people receive information differently, which is why each week the experience is a bit different. Life unfolds in different ways, and we believe that worship should unfold in different ways as well.


STIR Worship seeks to fully engage all of the senses, with particular focus on lighting, art usage, and music. Our music combines classical, traditional, and contemporary elements for a sound and feel that stirs the soul.


We consider STIR Worship to be a holy experiment using all the gifts of our diverse community.

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Thursdays 7 - 8 p.m.

Beginning September 23, 2021

Childcare provided

Canyon Creek Presbyterian Church

3901 North Star Road 

Richardson, Texas 75082

What is STIR Worship?

In our own words, we discuss what STIR Worship means to us.

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